Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Internet Parser Update

In honor of Randy G (see this post) and the fact that I found a new browser, I have updated the Internet parser program to now include the Flock browser, which is based on the Mozilla framework. Now I have not done an extensive analysis on yet but I have done enough to know it fits right in with Firefox 3.x and Google Chrome as it uses SQLite to store its history and other files. One thing to note is that there is a new report added called Form History. This is a new database that flock uses that keeps data that was entered into any forms. That is about all I know about the forms at this point. There are quite a few new databases that Flock uses and I will have to test them out to see what data points can be pulled out.

So in honor of Randy G. here is the download.


DOD Cybercrime Conference......

Well the DOD Cybercrime Conference should be getting into full swing now. Unfortunately I could not attend but it sounds like it will be a great conference. If there is anyone who reads this and is attending please find Randy G. who created this years (2009) and last years (2008) DC3 challenge and shake his hand and tell him what a wonderful job he did creating and running the challenge last year. Since I can not tell him personally since I am not there I will do that here.

Great job with the challenge Randy keep up the fantastic work and I look forward to this years challenge.