Monday, September 17, 2007

CSC/Offline File Parser/Copier

Addendum, Mar 22, 2008: Look at the March 22 2008 blog Entry as it has a newer version of the software. That post can be found here

As promised here is a link to the CSC/Offline File parser Copier. There is some more work that needs to be done on this but it does work pretty well.

In the zip file you can either run the csc_parser_gui.exe (autoit program) if you want to run in windows. Here is an explanation of the fields on the screen:

csc base file to parse : This is either 00000002 or csc1.tmp (backup of 00000002). Without this file your CSC is useless.

Database file to create: This is the sqlite database file that will be created and read from.

Base CSC Directory: Where you saved the CSC directory to. The default CSC directory is C:\Windows\CSC

Type of program to run: You can either run the perl scripts (.pl) or the executable (.exe). I did this encase you want to change the perl scripts and still want to use the gui.

Program to open the report in: Which program do you want to open the report in Excel or a web browser.

Once you fill in the fields you want then just press the button of the action you want, if you do not fill in one of the fields required for that action it will let you know.

Now if you want to run the perl scripts on a platform other then windows here is the sequence to run them in and parameters needed: <base file to parse , with 00000002 or csc1.tmp> <DB File Name if it does not exist then it will be created> <Base CSC Directory, ie: c:\Windows\CSC> <DB File Name created in previous step>

To get a report of the files run this program, (Note: this will create a temp file and will try and open excel or a web browser so you may want to modify this program to your needs): <DB File Name created in previous step> <Directory to copy files to> <A or U for Allocated files or Unallocated files>

Sqlitespy.exe has been included in case you want to look at the database.

Any feedback would be appreciated. One thing that probably needs to be done is to be able to parse the sqlite database and recreate the directory structure so you can copy into the correct directories. If I get some more time I will try and document the file structures but in the mean time look at the code and you should be able to figure it out. Hope this helps someone out.

As always Comments/Questions/Suggestions are always welcome.

Addendum, Dec 6, 2007: After several questions I realized I failed to mention that you have to read/parse the csc file before you can report on it, so hit the read/parse buttone before any other button Also if you have spaces in any of the file/direcotry names then you will have to put double quotes around the whole field. If I get time I will try and make the change in the code to allow for this.