Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thumbcache Version 2

If anyone has been to one of Ovie Carroll's recent presentations on Vista you will probably have heard mention of this program. It was also mentioned during my interview on cyperspeak. This is a rewrite to the program that was written for this blog entry. This program will read either a directory where the thumbcache_*.db files are or the individual thumbcache files, if you happen to pull the thumbcache_*.db files out make sure you include the thumbcache_idx.db file, this will add a date/timestamp to the reports for each picture extracted. This program will not only read the thumbcache and export the files but it will also create a nice/professional report to pass along to someone. You can also copy the whole directory and burn it to a CD and the reports will still display everything correctly.

The program an be found here . This program is a little different as I have started playing with the NSIS installer. The installer will ask you to input your name, agency name and a location for your organization's logo. This information is used for the reports to give that professional look. If you do not fill the information in then they will be a few blank spots on the reports.

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