Friday, February 9, 2007

Incident Response Hash Set Creation....

I use x-ways forensics as my main tool and I am pretty impressed with the product and support you get from the vendor. One of the things that I have been doing is creating my own hash sets. X-ways allows you to create the hash sets using many different methods (sha1, md5, sha256, etc..). Since x-ways is very light I thought I would try a little experiment. Using version 13.0 I installed it on my Hard Drive (no registry settings needed and weighs just over 4M with the external viewer and hash database). I then RDP'd to a QA server and mapped a drive back to my machine. I then fired up x-ways and examined the drives on the QA machine. I was then able to create a sha256 hashset of each drive of the server (4 seperate hashsets at this point for 4 drives). I then exported the 4 hashsets into a directory and reimported the directory naming the hashset the same name as the server (aprox 78,000 hashs created). I then waited 4 hours and rehashed all the drives on the QA server and compared it to what I created earlier. I was left with aprox 150 files that I had to look at, makes life a lot easier during a incident response. This is one of the many features X-ways has that can be used to help during Incident response.

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