Monday, May 7, 2007

Thumbs DB Files

I received a email about a new product from InfinaDyne. It is called ThumbsDisplay and you can display the contents of the Thumbs.db file. It will also do the following:

Cut and paste the picture to another application

Print 3 types of report (Contacts Sheet with all the pictures displayed, Picture with date and time, Full Size picture with date and time).

Scan the drive for all thumbs.db files.

You can also call the program with a thumbs.db file as a parameter and it will load that file into the viewer. This is really nice since you can then use it to view thumbs.db files from within other forensics programs, ie: X-Ways Forensics. One of the best things about this program is the price, only $29.99. If you want to test drive it before you buy they also have a demo version you can download.

The only draw back I see right now is that you can only print the reports, you can't save them. You need someting installed like cutePDF to print the file to a PDF file. Maybe in a future release they will add this feature. Otherwise it seems like a great inexpensive tool to keep in the toolbox. And in case you are wondering I did pay for my own copy of the program I am not getting anything free here.



D-fence said...

There is already a free (and open source) forensic tool to do that. It's a python script and it makes nice reports in html and it give useful forensic infos (timestamps, hash sums ...)

The tool is called vinetto, find it here :

Mark McKinnon said...


The tool looks excellent. The only problem I see (and it is not with the tool) is that you have to run it in Cygwin (Win32) which some people will have a problem with that. I on the other hand think we should be open to all OS's and use every tool that is possible and not limit out selves to. Thanks for the pointer to this tool.


Monsieur said...

Hi, You can use too this free software : Windows File Analyzer

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