Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Decoding the DateCreated and DateLastConnected SSID values From Vista/Win 7

This information was provided to me by Longshot (Just passing this great information along).

Decoding the DateCreated and DateLastConnected registry values from the registry keys

SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\NetworkList\Profiles\{GUID}

In Vista and Windows 7

The DateCreated and DateLastConnected are binary values that can be broken up into 4 byte parts, with 1 part left over. Each 4 byte part corresponds to a value of a date. The order of the values are as follows:


Each of these 4 byte parts is in little endian. Using the following data that was unpacked from binary and converted to hex we get the following translation:


d907 0200 0200 1800 1700 1400 2500 0001

Year = h4 = d907 = 07d9 = 2009

Month = h4 = 0200 = 0002 = Month {Jan = 1, Feb = 2, etc....}

Weekday = h4 = 0200 = 0020 = Weekday {Sunday = 0, Monday = 1, etc...}

date = h4 = 1800 = 0018 = 24

hour = h4 = 1700 = 0017 = 23

minutes = h4 = 1400 = 0014 = 20

Seconds = h4 = 2500 = 0025 = 37

The Month and Weekday fields have to be converted to their proper Month and weekday name.

which would yield the following:

Date First Connected: Tuesday, 24 February 2009 23:20:37

Here is the perl code to do the above, I only include the $data as a place holder that would need to get data fed to it:

use strict;

# This is the binary data that would be read from the registry file
my $data = "";

my %month_type = (1 => "January",
2 => "February",
3 => "March",
4 => "April",
5 => "May",
6 => "June",
7 => "July",
8 => "August",
9 => "September",
10 => "October",
11 => "November",
12 => "December");

my %dayofweek_type = (0 => "Sunday",
1 => "Monday",
2 => "Tuesday",
3 => "Wednesday",
4 => "Thursday",
5 => "Friday",
6 => "Saturday");

my ($year, $month, $weekday, $date, $hour, $minute, $second ) = unpack("h4 h4 h4 h4 h4 h4 h4", $data);

#This part converts the year
my $finalyear= hex(reverse $year);

#Now we convert the month
my $monthnumber=hex(reverse $month);
my $finalmonth = $month_type{$monthnumber};

#Now we convert the weekday
my $weekdaynumber=hex(reverse $weekday);
my $finalweekday = $dayofweek_type{$weekdaynumber};

# This converts the date
my $finaldate=hex(reverse $date);

#This converts the hour
my $finalhour=hex(reverse $hour);

#This converts the minute
my $finalminute=hex(reverse $minute);
my $howlongisfinalminute=length($finalminute);
if ($howlongisfinalminute == 1){
if ($finalminute eq "0"){

#This converts the second
my $finalsecond=hex(reverse $second);
my $howlongisfinalsecond=length($finalsecond);
if ($howlongisfinalsecond == 1){
my $finalsecond="0$finalsecond";
if ($finalsecond eq "0"){

my $ssidtimestamp= "$finalweekday, $finaldate $finalmonth $finalyear $finalhour:$finalminute:$finalsecond";
if ($n =~ /Created/){
$finaln="Date First Connected:";
} else {
$finaln="Date Last Connected:";

print "$finaln $ssidtimestamp\n";


Keydet89 said...

Here's the code I use in the RegRipper plugin I wrote:

sub parseDate128 {
my $date = $_[0];
my @months = ("Jan","Feb","Mar","Apr","May","Jun","Jul",
my @days = ("Sun","Mon","Tue","Wed","Thu","Fri","Sat");
my ($yr,$mon,$dow,$dom,$hr,$min,$sec,$ms) = unpack("v*",$date);
$hr = "0".$hr if ($hr < 10);
$min = "0".$min if ($min < 10);
$sec = "0".$sec if ($sec < 10);
my $str = $days[$dow]." ".$months[$mon - 1]." ".$dom." ".$hr.":".$min.":".$sec." ".$yr;
return $str;

Andrew H said...

Thanks folks, nice!

Anonymous said...

There is a tool out there that does this as well. It does a few others from what I have seen.


swkenney said...

The last 4 bytes represent thousandths of a second. Range 0 to 3e7h or 0 to 999 decimal.

swkenney said...

DateDecoder.exe by the way does not handle the last 4 bytes correctly. DateDecoder.exe is the program in DateDecoder.zip mentioned above.

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Vasily Kolobkov said...

Just in case - that date time structure is called SYSTEMTIME. It's one of the datetime representations (along with FILETIME) you can come across while parsing registry.

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